For new accounts, first order is paid in full with a credit card. To open your account, process your order into our system
and avoid delays to the delivery date that you have indicated on your order, a credit application form must be completed
and promptly returned along with a credit card authorization form. To ensure that your delivery schedule is maintained,
please return both forms immediately. With approved credit, open account terms are net 30 days. We accept AMEX, VISA and


Our website pricing and policies supercedes all other industry and distributer websites.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
We will update our website with any changes to products and pricing.
Please check our website for any notices. Regular column pricing for: 4 color process Aqua Bottle and ID Shield.

Please note the colors printed in this catalog may differ slightly from the actual product.

We highly recommend ordering a sample to show a true representation of color and product quality .
Free random samples on select products up to a value of $10.00. Above this amount, samples are charged at end quantity
discounted unit price. Request for samples are processed by a fax or e-mail.
Chargeable samples are non-refundable, unless they are purchased and we receive an order for that specific sample.
We do not accept returns on purchased samples, it is considered final sale.
For all sample orders please provide your courier with ACCT#.

Available on select products, regular set up fees apply for spec. samples. Artwork templates and printing guidelines are
available online.

FREE upon request with orders over 500pcs. on select products.

Orders will be processed upon receipt of a written purchase order, approved artwork and account in good standing.
An order confirmation and art proof will be e-mailed within 2 business days. Please contact us if you do not receive confirmation.
Artwork templates and printing guidelines are available online.

Production starts after artwork approval. Approx. 7-10 working days for in stock product depending on order quantity. 6-10
weeks for special orders depending on product, quantity and shipping method. During peak season between
March - June and September - November production scheduling may result in longer lead times of 2-3 weeks.
Rush charges up to 25% will apply during peak season. Before quoting and or placing an order, please call to confirm
product availability and production lead time. All orders required to meet a specified delivery date must clearly state the
date and allow sufficient production lead-time. Vispak will determine if there is sufficient production and shipping lead-time
to meet this deadline and inform you accordingly. 10% will apply for rush orders required in less than 7
working days during regular season.

E-mail to saved in PDF, Adobe Illustrator CS 5 for PC, and Pantone numbers when required. Lists of names
for personalisation to be supplied in an Excel sheet. Please Note: Images should be minimum 300dpi. When printing solid jpeg
images it is not possible to color correct or adjust fine details that may appear on screen, on a virtual proof or on a printed
paper proof. Your artwork may be created for web viewing, not for printing and may not appear the same on the final printed
product. We recommend a pre-production sample which is free with a minimum order of 500pcs. on select products . Logos
should be vector and text converted to outlines and separate from image to make proper color corrections. For large files
send via free ftp

A free paper proof is provided for all orders (maximum 2 revisions), to be faxed or e-mailed to you for approval. Additional
artwork modification $60.00/hr(X). We are not responsible for artwork that is sent to us incorrectly or approved incorrectly. It
is your obligation to verify that all artwork is correct prior to approving it. You must return the paper proof signed, approved
or marked for additional modification within 24 hours, to ensure that your delivery schedule is maintained.
Please Note: that certain complex artwork that contain gradients and/or transparencies might not be color matched or
printed accurately due to the color blending limitation of our printing machines.

Vispak reserves the right to cancel an order within 3 days of receipt of purchase order. Once production starts, customers who
cancel are subject to a pro-rated charge of the total order.

Products include 1 color pad printed logo where stated and are limited to the printing areas described for each product. No
charge Pantone color matching when capable. Printing plates remain the property of Vispak. Oversize printing is subject to
additional charges based on printing method. Please note there are no white and metallic inks in dye sublimation printing.
Pad printing white ink on color cloths will change the color of ink to a shade of the fabric. It is not possible to print metallic
colors on cloth. Laser engraving on sunglasses only and subject to additional charges. Embroidery is quoted upon request
on select products. Personalization on select products are subject to additional charges as indicated. Any changes to the
artwork by the customer after production has started will be charged on a pro-rated basis of the total order.

Please Note: We do not guarantee a color match between the printed backer card and Digi Mates screen cleaner. While we
try to color correct the card and Digi Mates to match as close as possible, there are many variables between each printing
method to match the colors on the card to the colors on the Digi Mates, this is mainly due to the different materials that we
are printing on and the different methods of printing. Each printing machine has a different color spectrum, the cards are
laser printed using powder toners, while the Digi Mates are dye sublimated utilizing ink jet technology. This applies to all
dye sublimation printed products that we manufacture. Please Note that certain complex artwork that contain gradients
and/or transparencies might not be color matched or printed accurately due to the color blending limitation of our printing

CANADA: FOB Vispak Inc., Montreal, Quebec. Pre-paid and charged when shipping on Vispak’s courier account #.
For all other methods of shipping, customers can provide a courier account #.

USA: FOB Champlain, New York, when shipping on Vispak's UPS account #.
Free Standard Ground Freight applies with orders valued at a minimum of $500.00(z) pre-tax, when shipped on Vispak’s UPS
or FedEx account to 1 non-remote, non-residential location within the lower 48 states.
We require a FED Tax ID # for all USA bound shipments.
Please allow 1-2 days extra lead-time due to US customs entry for ground shipping.
Orders shipped via air overnight or 2-3 day service are pre-paid and charged FOB Montreal, Quebec,
Canada based on our discounted international freight rates.

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot blind ship as we may have to include with the shipment export documents required by US customs to allow entry,
that cannot be electronically filed in advance of the shipment.

Split Shipping: charges will apply based on packing and shipping requirements.

Drop Ship samples and orders: Customers must provide a packing slip and address labels.


All logos and registered graphic designs and/or registered brand names,etc.... indicated in this catalog appear only to
illustrate our capability to customize our products. No claim is made by Vispak that the imprints are readily available to any
purchaser without the express permission of the owners of the copyright, trademark or licensed art or copy. Vispak bears no
responsibility for any infringements caused by our customers. and presumes in good faith that our customers have obtained
permission to print all copyright text and graphic designs on Vispak products.

We stand behind our products and services. Our quality control inspects and removes any noticeable defect or damage
from the order before it is printed or packed. Should you find a defect beyond an acceptable quantity, we will review the
order within 3 days from the date of your written notification and inform you of our decision. As we strive to exceed our
product quality standards, we recognize that we have a personal and corporate responsibility that goes beyond this. Product
safety, social and environmental compliance is also top priority. This is a natural part of today's corporate structure and we
are committed to providing our customers with the best and safest products that meet or exceed the standards set forth
by the CPSA, FHSA, Health Canada, FDA. When we develop, source and introduce new products, we use third party testing
agencies to evaluate the materials used to make these products and the factories in which they are made in. Please note, not
all products require testing as they are made from common materials used on many of our products. Many of these products
do not pose a risk to the health and well being of an individual when the product is used in the manner intended and/or
described. We endeavor to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment by developing products that are made from
recycled materials, products that can be recycled or produced with man-made materials that do not impact our eco-system
with the further destruction of our natural resources.

Vispak must be notified in writing within 3 working days of receipt of the order, of your intent to return the order. No order
will be accepted for return without prior authorization. All returns are subject to a minimum 15% restocking charge.